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Ancient Underground Opening and Preservation
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Scientific Problems and Long-term Preservation of Large-scale Ancient Underground Engineering (23-26 October 2015, Longyou, Zhejiang, China)

ISBN 9781138028999
Published October 22, 2015 by CRC Press
420 Pages

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Book Description

Ancient Underground Opening and Preservation contains 59 papers presented at the International Symposium on Scientific Problems and Long-term Preservation of Largescale Ancient Underground Engineering (Longyou, China, 23-26 October 2015). The contributions focus on scientific and technical issues related to long-term preservation of large-scale ancient underground engineering around the world. The following topics are included in this volume:

1. Scientific issues facing the Longyou Grottoes
2. Weathering prevention and long-term protection strategies for the Longyou Grottoes and other large-scale underground historic sitee
3. Analysis of geological conditions and mechanisms of deformation and damage in surrounding rock in large-scale underground historic sites
4. Analysis of stability and strengthening treatments for large-scale underground historic sites
5. Safety monitoring methods and techniques for large-scale underground historic sites
6. Knowledge learned from large-scale underground historic sites that can be applied to modern underground developments.

Ancient Underground Opening and Preservation covers comprehensive papers on the research and technical progress for long-term preservation of ancient underground engineering and historic sites, and will be of interest to scientists,
engineers, business managers and government officers involved in the preservation of ancient underground openings.

Table of Contents

Conservation of volcanic caves at Azores islands, Portugal
A.M. Malheiro, J.C. Nunes, L.R. Sousa & F. Marques
Research on laboratory preparation of nano calcium-based consolidant
and preliminary application in earthen site reinforcement projects
P.F. Dai, W.W. Chen & N. Wang
Scientific discovery of a unique cloud-shaped rock pillar in an ancient quarry
in Zhejiang Province
X.L. Deng, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang
Study of protection for “Cuiguangyan” ancient caverns based on virtual reality technology
J.P. Fang, Y.L. Sun, Z.Q. Li & T.R. Wen
Study on monitoring data after the reinforcement of No. 4-2 rock pillar
of No. 4 cavern in Longyou Grottoes
Y. Fu, C.J. Wu, Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, X. Zhang & Z.L. Peng
Study on the deformation and failure process of No. 24 ancient cavern of Longyou Grottoes
Y. Fu, Q. Zhang, H. Yuan, X.S. Shi, T.W. Tang, X.L. Deng & Y.P. Long
Roof cracks investigation and cracking mechanism analysis of Niuchang ancient cave
in Longyou, Southeast China
Z.H. Han, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, J. Zhou, Z.F. Yang, G. Chen, Y. Fu & J. Zheng
A preliminary stability analysis of a cavern complex at Changyu quarry, China
W.T. He, Z.F. Yang, J. Lin, J.Y. Wang & Q.H. Luo
Research on the classification of surrounding rock quality in the Longyou Grottoes
based on the D-S evidence theory
Y.S. Hu, X.H. Liao & Y.C. Zhai
Earthquake environments and micro-tremor characteristics of Mogao Grottoes,
Dunhuang, China
Y. Iwasaki, C. Tanimoto, K. Koizumi, K. Nakagawa, Y. Ishikawa, K. Oike, L.M. Wang,
X.D. Wang & Q.L. Guo

Influence of stress corrosion effect on the long-term stability of the Longyou Rock
Caverns—a case study of cavern NO. 3
H.L. Jia, W. Xiang, Y. Chen, Z.F. Jin, J.H. Song, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu
Restoration of ancient collapsed cavern by the high-density DC sounding method
W.J. Jin, L.Q. Zhang, Y.J. Shang, Z.F. Yang & L.H. Li
Application of wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring in Longyou Grottoes
K. Koizumi, C. Tanimoto, Y. Iwasaki, L.H. Li, L. Li & Y. Fu
Identification of key blocks in the corners of intersecting chambers
J.Y. Li, G.X. Yuan, J.Y. Dong & Z.Q. Huang
Tuff rocks diseases mechanism analysis and preservation in Chengde Mountain Resort
L. Li, W.C. Chen & M.S. Shao
Engineering geological conditions of large ancient quarrying caverns
in Shepan Island, Zhejiang Province, China
L.H. Li, X.L. Deng, Z.F. Yang, W.D. Sun, S.B. Chen & P.F. Liu
Weathering rates of chisel imprints on pelitic siltstone inside five Longyou caverns
L.H. Li, Y.F. Tan, X.L. Deng, W.T. He, Z.F. Yang, Y. Fu & E.C. Liu
Applications of steel structure and engineering rubber cushions in the reinforcement
of rock pillars and roofs of Longyou Grottoes No. 1 cavern
M.F. Li, Y.P. Long, H.Y. Sun, Y. Fu, J.W. Zhu & Z.F. Yang
Numerical analysis of the hydraulic effect on the surrounding rock
and rock pillars of the No. 7 cavern in the Longyou Grottoes
Y.P. Li, Z.Y. Wang, J.W. Ma, Y. Fu, Y.L. Sun & Z.F. Yang
The application of nondestructive testing methods for the investigation of weathering
diseases of stone relics
Z.H. Liang, J.Z. Sun, Z.J. Zhang, A.Y. Shao & X.H. Zheng
3D laser scanning and geometric modeling of Suichang gold mine of the Ming Dynasty
in Zhejiang Province
X.H. Liao, S.H. Chen, C.Y. Ye, T.J. Wang, Y.C. Zhai, L.H. Li, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang
The microstructure analysis of Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes
repaired exfoliation murals
H. Liu, J.C. Lu, G.L. Xu & A. Xohrat
Investigation and analysis on crack propagation of surrounding rock mass
in the AiGong Cave of Longyou
Y.B. Liu, G.C. Wang & Z.F. Yang
Stability concerns of ancient large underground openings: Case histories from Egypt,
Jordan and Italy
M. Coli
Effect of the balance on the bias pressure of partition wall between caverns
No. 4 and No. 5 in the residual rock of the Longyou Grottos
Z.L. Peng, R.D. Peng, Z.D. Cui, Z.F. Yang, Y. Fu & Q. Gao
Analysis of engineering geological problems in ancient man-made underground rock
structures in Longyou, China
Q. Gao, L.H. Li, L.Q. Zhang, Z.F. Yang, G. Chen & Y. Fu
Stability-based analysis for touristic route selection in the ancient man-made
underground rock structures in Longyou, China
Q. Gao, Z.F. Yang, L.Q. Zhang, L.H. Li, Z.J. Zhang, Y.J. Shang, G. Chen, Y. Fu & E.C. Liu
On stone transportation from ancient underground quarries at Changyudongtian
J.Z. Qu, J. Lin, H. Bao, C. Xu, J.W. Zhu, Q.L. Zeng, L.X. Zhu, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang
Analysis of the stability and groundwater seepage for the Tomb No. 2
of the Han Dynasty in Dingtao
J.H. Song, W. Xiang, S.J. Yan, H.L. Jia & K. He
Characteristics of rock weathering of the Niuchang cavern in Longyou Grottoes
Y.L. Sun, Z.F. Yang, J.P. Fang, X.H. Liao & Y. Fu
Research on the relative weathering and spalling depth of rocks on the Gate
of Lixian of ancient City Wall at Quzhou
Y.L. Sun, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He, Y. Fu, J.P. Fang & W.P. Bu
Investigation on the gutters in caverns Nos. 1–5 of Longyou Caverns
Y.F. Tan, L.H. Li, W.T. He, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu
Environmental monitoring at Mogao Grottoes and panorama photo filing
C. Tanimoto, K. Koizumi, C.Z. Piao, X.D. Wang & Q.L. Guo
On properties of tuff in ancient underground quarries at Changyudongtian and stone
windows in Wenling
C.X. Tao, Q.H. Luo, Y.M. Yan, W.T. He, K.J. Tao, Z.F. Yang, L.X. Zhu & J.W. Zhu
Analysis of the long-term stability of large ancient underground engineering
P.J. Wang, B.L. Jiang & G.X. Yuan
Assessing the relative stability of the Mogao Grottoes using a rock mass quality
classification approach
X.D. Wang, Y.W. Wang, Q.L. Guo, Q.Q. Pei & S.L. Yang
Triggers of rockfall on a slope related to large ancient underground caves cultural
heritage (China)
X.L. Wang, L.Q. Zhang & Z.F. Yang
Numerical study on the failure cracking process and associated acoustic emissions of Longyou
No. 3 grotto pillars
Y. Wang, X. Li, Z.F. Yang, Z.D. Cui & X.S. Shi
Mechanical effect of hydrostatic pressure on No. 3 rock pillar in No. 7 cavern
of the Longyou Grottoes
Z.Y. Wang, Y.P. Li, J.W. Ma, Y.L. Sun, Y. Fu & Z.F. Yang
Tourism planning for new scenic of Longyou Grottoes based on engineering geology
T.R. Wen, N. Wu, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He & L. Tong
Research on the global tourism planning mode of the new scenic in Longyou Grottoes
N. Wu, T.R. Wen, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He, Y. Fu & L. Tong
Groundwater prevention and treatment technology of ancient underground
caverns in Shepan Island, Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province, China
T.Y. Yang, Z.J. Zhang, J.J. Yang, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang
Taizhou ancient stone windows and geological characteristics of the stone material
Z.F. Yang, Z.H. Han, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, J. Zhou, W.T. He & Z.J. Zhang
Discovery and recognition of scientific values of forty-nine large scale ancient
underground engineering in Zhejiang Province
Z.F. Yang, Y.J. Shang, L.Q. Zhang, L.H. Li, J. Zhou, Q. Gao, W.T. He, J.W. Zhu,
J.X. Ding, Q.L. Zeng, G.M. Guo & Z.J. Zhang

Lessons from old underground openings in rocks: The wisdom of ancient engineers
Y.H. Hatzor
Enzyme Induced Calcite Precipitation (EICP) to strengthen the ability of anti-wind
erosion of earthen archaeological sites
P.B. Yuan, P.F. Dai & W.W. Chen
The research status analysis of shallow-buried ancient underground projects
with room and pillar style
Y.C. Zhai, Y.S. Hu & X.H. Liao
A geophysical study of the depth of the rubble landfill in large ancient Shuiyun
and Guanxi cavern
W.H. Zhang, W.J. Jin, Z.F. Yang, L.H. Li & R. Cui
The best angle of V notch to flat crack in ancient rock mining
X. Zhang, Q. Chen, L.Y. Li, Y. Liu, Z.F. Yang, X.S. Shi, T.W. Tang & Y. Fu
Weathering rate of stone of Confucius Temple Hall in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province,
China—Part I: Measurement method and results
Z.J. Zhang, B. Zhang, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang
Weathering rate of stone of Confucius Temple Hall in Quzhou, Zhejiang province,
China—Part II: Reasons for weathering asymmetry
Z.J. Zhang, B. Zhang, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang
Research on weathering of lithoid cultural relics and its evaluation
X.H. Zheng, J.Z. Sun, Z.J. Zhang, A.Y. Shao & Z.H. Liang
NMR evaluation of a consolidation process by the dispersion of Ca(OH)2 in porous sandstone
H. Zhou, A.M. Netto, B. Blü mich, F. Gao & Y. Xiao
Rock breaking mechanism of an old mining method in the Tang dynasty mining pit
of Suichang gold mine
J. Zhou, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, R.H. Xiao, Z.F. Yang, Z.J. Zhang, Y.M. He, S.H. Chen & C.Y. Ye
Three-dimensional geological modeling of Longyou grotto No. 3 with terrestrial laser scanning
J. Zhou, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, R.H. Xiao, Z.F. Yang & Z.H. Han
Long-term stability of rock pillars in the Longyou Ancient Grottoes:
Sonic wave detection and numerical investigation
S.W. Zhou, C.C. Xia & M. Huang
Analysis and protection scheme for the roof collapse of cave No. 24 of the Longyou Caves
J.W. Zhu, W.S. Li, A. Braun, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu
Enlightening ancient underground quarry culture to the modern urban space construction
X.P. Zhu & B. Lv
Stability and risk analysis of ancient cavities in historical areas: The case of Yulin Caves, China
L.R. Sousa, X.D. Wang, Q.L. Guo, D. Dias, P.B. Yuan & R.L. Sousa


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