1st Edition

Concrete and Mortar Production using Stone Siftings

ISBN 9781138565586
Published April 2, 2018 by CRC Press
158 Pages 4 Color & 86 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The monograph analyses the state of the art (problem) in using stone siftings and aspiration dust obtained in natural stone crushing for producing concrete aggregates and fillers for dry construction mixtures and mortars on their basis. The influence of disperse fraction in stone siftings and aspiration dust on structural, mechanical and rheological properties of cement composite construction materials is investigated. Hypothesis for obtaining technological conditions, providing positive effect of the disperse fraction on strength and other properties of cement based concrete and mortar is proposed.

Experimental results on studying properties of dry mixtures and mortars on their basis using stone crushing aspiration dust as filler are presented. Efficiency of using fillers, based on igneous rocks, on adhesive and other properties of mortars is demonstrated. Methodology for design of mortars composition for given mortar properties in case, when aspiration dust is used as filler, is proposed.

The monograph presents experimental results on fine-grained concrete including as a main filler stone siftings with up to 20% of disperse fraction. It is shown that it is possible to produce fine grain concrete class С20/25…С60/75. Technological parameters of vibro-pressed fine-grained concrete with raw stone siftings are developed. Methodologies for composition design of fine-grained concrete with given workability are proposed. Possibility for producing macroporous light-weight concrete for walls and filtration materials, based on stone siftings fillers is shown.

Table of Contents

Problem of using industrial waste. Wastes of stone crushing

Problem of using industrial wastes in construction

Selecting the way of industrial waste use

Waste of stone crushing and ways for its application

Properties of stone crushing wastes

Theoretical provisions for efficient application of stone crushing wastes in concretes and mortars

Influence of dispersed mineral fillers on the structure formation of cement systems

Influence of mineral fillers on the properties of cement mortars and concrete

Ways of Activating Mineral Fillers

Scientific hypothesis

Fine-grained concrete based on stone siftings

General characteristic

Influence of granite filler on fine-grained concrete properties

Influence of granite filler dispersion on FGC properties

Composition design of fine-grained concrete with granite siftings

The effect of grain composition on FGC properties

FGC based on low-flowable mixtures

High strength FGC

Complex plasticizing admixtures for producing high-strength concrete on granite siftings

Vibro-pressed fine grained concrete based on stone siftings

Technological background

Influence of granite filler grain composition on formation of vibro pressed fine-grained concrete structure

Influence of granite siftings on water demand, output coefficient and strength of vibro-pressed concrete

Effect of the fractions volume ratio in siftings on VFC properties

Influence of plasticizers and air entrained admixtures

Effect of heat treatment on VFC properties

Structure and properties of VFC determining its durability

Composition design of VFC with stone crushing siftings

Macroporous fine grained concrete based on stone crushing waste

General features of macroporous concrete technology (MPC)

Properties of macroporous concrete based on stone crushing siftings

Heavy concrete based on stone siftings

Influence of granite siftings on normal-weight concrete properties

Design of concrete compositions using stone crushing siftings

Dry construction mixtures and mortars on their basis using aspiration dust

Aspiration granite dust as a possible disperse filler for mortars

Technological properties of mortar mixtures with filler (AGD)

Adhesion properties of mortars with АGD

Strength and deformation properties of modified mortars using AGD

Frost resistance of mortars with AGD

Design of mortars compositions with granite filler


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