1st Edition

Fate And Prediction Of Environmental Chemicals In Soils, Plants, And Aquatic Systems

ISBN 9781315892900
Published April 16, 2018 by CRC Press
301 Pages

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Book Description

Fate and Prediction of Environmental Chemicals in Soils, Plants, and Aquatic Systems focuses on the chemical persistence and ecotoxicological behavior of pesticides in soil, water, and plants. The book examines recent developments in research on various substances and relays information regarding transport, adsorption, absorption, accumulation, degradation, biological effects, toxicity to aquatic organisms, air pollution, exposure, and risk estimation. Leading international scientists present their advances in analytical methodology and instrumentation in the fields of agrochemicals and environmental chemistry. This useful review of data, methods, and principles will benefit environmental researchers, managers, biologists, chemists, pharmacologists, and others interested in assessing the potential for contamination of soil, air, water, and plants.

Table of Contents

1. Transport and Transformation of Pesticides in Soil 2. Prediction of Uptake of Some Aromatics and Pesticides by Soil 3. Accelerated Degradation of Soil Insecticides: Comparison of Field Performance and Laboratory Behavior 4. Adsorption of 2,4-D on Organoclays 5. Competitive Adsorption of 2,4-D and Phosphate in Soils 6. Adsorption of Two Weak Acids on Geothite 7. Adsorption of Maleic Hydrazide on Mineral Surfaces 8. The Euro-Soil Concept as a Basis for Chemicals Testing and Pesticide Research 9. Effect of Polymers on Adsorption of Flumequine on Kaolinite 10. Groundwater Contamination by Pesticides: Field Experiments in Shallow and Deeper Groundwater 11. Potential of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in the Study of Interactions of Pesticides with Natural Organic Matter 12. Retention of Atrazine by Humic Substances of Different Natures 13. The Binding of Pesticide Residues to Natural Organic Matter, Their Movement and Their Bioavailability 14. Conversion of Lindane to HCH Isomers and HCB in the Agricultural Field Conditions 15. Ecological Test Procedures for Organic Xenobiotics in Terrestrial Systems 16. Role of Microbial Competition on Activity of 2,4-D Degrading Alcaligenes xylosoxidans Strain Introduced into Fumigated Soil 17. Thermodynamic Properties of Halogenated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins, Dibenzofurans, and Pesticides 18. New Results and Considerations on the Bioconcentration of the Superlipophilic Persistent Chemicals Octachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (OCDD) and Mirex in Aquatic Organisms 19. Behavior of Soil Microflora in Pesticide Degradation 20. Modeling the Uptake of Organic Compounds into Plants 21. Influence of Soil-Water Ratio on Adsorption-Desorption Kinetics of Isoxaben in Soil 22. Toxicity and Metabolism of Cypermethrin in Earthworms 23. Determination of the Rate Constant kOH - Air Using Freon 113 as an Inert Solvent 24. Abiotic Degradation Pathways of Selected Pesticides in the Presence of Oxygen species in Aqueous Solutions

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