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Frontiers in Computer Education
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Computer Education (ICFCE 2014), Wuhan, China, December 24–25, 2014

ISBN 9781138027978
Published May 24, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Frontiers in Computer Education (ICFCE 2014), which was held December 24-25, 2014, in Wuhan, China. The objective of this conference was to provide a forum for different researchers in different fields, especially Computer Education as well as Information Technology, to exchange their various findings. The papers have been grouped under the following overarching themes: Computer Science, Computer Education, Education and Teaching Reform, and Communication and Intelligent Control.

Table of Contents

Computer science

The implementation of a campus information management system design in a vocational school
B. Han & X.B. Bi
A study in the design and production of TV titles techniques in modern digital media
Q. Liu & X. Wang
A fuzzy time series forecasting model based on percentages
H.X.Wang, J.C. Guo, H. Feng & H.L. Jin
A fuzzy time series forecasting model based on data differences
H.X.Wang, J.C. Guo, H. Feng & H.L. Jin
The design and implementation of a campus network automatic certification in a router
T. Zhao, X.H. Li, L. Zhang & G. Zhang
Research into a visual tracking approach based on a complicated environment
Z.X. Liu, Y.Wang, L.W. Yang,W.H. Tong & K. Shi
A friendship network based on random and triadic-closure in a fixed community
D.S. Zhao, K. Zhao, J. Yang & J.R. Sha
Exploring the application of cloud computing in university informatization
L.H. Zhang
Research on internationalization and localization of user interface
Z.X. Zhao, H. Bai, L.L. Han & Y.X. Meng
A study into a semi-supervised dimensionality reduction algorithm based on feature information intergration
M.M. Qi, X. Liu, B. Zhang, C. Luo, S.H. Yuan & D.D. Lv
LustreSim, a simulator for the Lustre file system
X.Y. He & G.M. Liu
A strong group quantization model in Go based on the stone influence function
Y.H. Zhou, Y.Q. Zhang, J.L. Luo & J.X. Xie
A study in watermarking relational databases based on genetic algorithms
Q.T.Wu, P.S. Duan & J.F. Shi
Performance prediction and reverse design of a glass composites pultrusion process based on RBF
Z.P. Zhang, H.W. Liu, S. Luo & Z.W. Guo
Strength analysis and fatigue life prediction on a steering knuckle
H.W. Liu, J.H.Wang, S.J. Fang & S. Li

Computer education

Computational thinking in C++ programming language
H.B.Wang, Y.R. Liang, L. Yao, J. Cai & L.J. Zhu
Discussion on the teaching methods for a computer network course
H.T.Wu &Y.M. Liu
The application of EXCEL in sampling
C.L. Qin
Design of an educational recommender system for an MOOC
L.H. Zhao, Z.Y. Yu & H.S.Wang
Creating a new computer education system in engineering higher education
Y. Liu & L.H. Guo
Correlations between learning networks and academic performance
Q. Zhao, K. Zhao, D.S. Zhao & J. Yang
Research and application on electronic magazine in an antenna professional teaching course
X.Y. Ran & Z. Yu
Practical innovation about the Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) in data structure teaching
J. Yi, S.E. Li, X.B. Tang & X.F. Niu
An Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)-based steganographic method for radar images
Y.H. Li, Y.L. Gao & J.H. Yang

Education and teaching reform

A strategy generation method based on a Trace Substitute (TS) – StrengthsWeakness Opportunity Threats (SWOT) model
X.M. Shi, M. Zhao, C.L. Chen, Y.H. Cao & J.J. Zhang
A case-driven 4S teaching model
M. Huang & S.Y. Hu
Practical teaching reform in the VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Description Language) course based on the idea of CDIO (Concept, Design, Implementation, and Operation)
J. Liu, Y.D. Zhu, X.P. Yang, J.L. Liu & Z.Wei
A research in the innovation of excellent engineers’ training based on excellent consciousness cultivation
X. Liang & K. Lang
A teaching model inquiry of innovative practice team based on the Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate (CDIO)
S.F. Hao, B.L. Sun & Y.Q.Wang
Entrepreneurship education research in college and university based on tacit knowledge theory
N. Chen & X.Q. Cai
Look at the existing problems of cultivating talents in Hebei Province for the use of foreign language—The necessity of adopting a new foreign language education policy
L.M. Liu & J.F. Yue
The revision of college English curriculum requirements and talk about cultivation of college foreign language talents again—taking agricultural university of Hebei as an example
L.M. Liu
A discussion based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) in the teaching reform of the course in microcomputer principles and applications
X.Y. Liu, X.M. Chen & F.H. Ma
Research into the teaching reform of the C# course based on One Case in the End
An investigation and analysis into the quality of medical graduates in Zhejiang
C.-H. Zeng
Educational quality improvement in the ‘Principles of Communications’ course, based on bilingual teaching and research teaching mode
L. Yu, L. Zhou, J.L. Luo &Y.H. Zhou
Application research of virtual experiment technology in the power electronic technology course teaching
X.-Y. Yang, T.-L. Niu,W.-W. Li, L. Zhang & Q. Zhang
An analysis of the construction of university career guidance system under the new employment situation
D.H. Pang, Z.X. Tong, H.L. Zhang, X.H. Meng, C.B. Sun & Z.H. Fu
Decomposition and correlation design of a micro-video course content based on knowledge points
M.Wang, H.D. Chen, Y.S. Xue & D. Kang
First exploration of living space for old people with chronic disease, taking Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in the elderly as an example
H.Y. Gao & J.Y. Li
Teaching reform and practice of industry design specialty based on the Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate (CDIO) engineering education pattern
G. Lu
Focusing on the mental health of rural left-behind children
X.L. Yang
A study on the implementation of the development policies of social work in Shenzhen
C.Y. Zhang & Y.X.Wang
Policy on education equity in different places at college entrance examination
C.Y. Zhang & Y.X.Wang
A study of the personalized physical education teaching of sports courses
L. Yu
The teaching reform and practice of hydraulics based on the Problem-Based Learning teaching mode
J.C. Liu, Y.W. Shi & J. Zhao

Communication and intelligent control

Design of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controller based on the Memobus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) protocol
B.Z. Guo, S.F. Hao, X. Zhang & X.J.Wang
A condition assessment model of power transformers based on fuzzy information fusion
Y.Y. Zhang, R.M. Bi, Z.H. Zhong & Y. Sun
Spatio-temporal TEN model and the dynamic expression of moving object based on Clifford algebra
K. Xu, D.Y. Cao & X.D. Yu

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