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Informatics, Networking and Intelligent Computing
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Informatics, Networking and Intelligent Computing (INIC 2014), 16-17 November 2014, Shenzhen, China

ISBN 9781138026780
Published May 13, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Informatics, Networking and Intelligent Computing, held in Shenzhen, China. Contributions cover the latest developments and advances in the field of Informatics, Networking and Intelligent Computing.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Computational intelligence
Decomposition genetic algorithm for cellular network spatial optimization
M. Livschitz
A heating and cooling model for office buildings in Seattle
W.Q. Geng, Y. Fu & G.H.Wei
Multi-depth Deep Feature learning for face recognition
C.C. Zhang, X.F. Liang &T. Matsuyama
Research on camera calibration basing Open CV
H.M. Nie
Designing fuzzy rule-based classifiers using a bee colony algorithm
I.A. Hodashinsky, R.V. Meshcheryakov & I.V. Gorbunov
City management based on Geospatial Business Intelligence (Geo-BI)
Y.L. Zhou &W.J. Qi
Research into the development mode of intelligent military logistics
F. Zhang, D.R. Ling & M.Wang
Incomplete big data imputation algorithm using optimized possibilistic c-means and deep learning
H. Shen & E.S. Zhang
Human-machine interaction for an intelligent wheelchair, based on head poses
Y.Wang, N. Liu &Y. Luo
An optimization model in the design of a product process
T. Qi, S.P. Fang & C.Q. Liu

Networking technology and engineering
A new SIFT feature points restoration based on a watermarking scheme resilient to geometrical attacks
O.J. Lou, S.H. Li, Z.X. Liu & S.T. Tang
Using CALL (Computer-assisted Language Learning) to achieve multidimensional college English teaching
W. Liu
Reflections on multimedia teaching
W.G. Chang
Electromechanic installations vibration acceleration protection system
V.I. Erofeev, A.S. Plehov & D.U. Titov
The study of CBI theme-based teaching mode of college English from multiple intelligence module perspective
W. Liu
The analysis of access control model based on Single Sign-on in SOA environment
G.Z.Wang, B. Zhang, X.F. Fei, Y. Liu, H.R. Gui & H.R. Xiong
An Android malware detection method using Dalvik instructions
K. Zhang, Q.S. Jiang,W. Zhang & X.F. Liao
Identification of spoofing based on a nonlinear model of an radio frequency power amplifier
Y.M. Gan & M.H. Sun
Computational model for mixed ownership duopoly competition in the electricity sector with managerial incentives
V. Kalashnikov-Jr., A. Beda & L. Palacios-Pargas

Systems and software engineering
A software reliability testing theory and technology research
H.L. Sun, X.Z. Hou, K. Zh & H.F. Luo
Fingertips detection and tracking based on a Microsoft Kinect depth image
Z.X. Li, J. Liu, H.C.Wu & Z.M. Chen
A virtual dressing room approach based on Microsoft Kinect
J.F. Yao, L. Lysandra, L. Yang, B.R. Yang & Z.C. Huang
ASM (Active Shape Model) modeling of the human body and its application in virtual fitting
X.Y. Xiong & X.J. Zhu
Building an orchestration architecture for cloud services: A case study of designing a platform as a service (PaaS) runtime environment
P.C. Chen, Y.T. Huang, Y.C. Lee & C.C. Chu
Development of an MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) interface camera driver based on WINCE (Windows Embedded Compact) 131
K. Xiao, L. Shan & Z.T. Li
Trends in the development of databases on statistics in the OECD, the EU and Russia
N. Chistyakova, V. Spitsin, J. Abushahmanova & N. Shabaldina
The effect of casting geometry on the thermal gradient in A201 aluminium alloy plate castings
Y.S. Kuo & M.F. Lu
A research on multi-implementation game product-based learning for game development specialty students
C. He
A network behaviour analyser: Automatic fingerprint extraction from functions of mobile applications
P. Liu & C.Y.Wu

Information technology and engineering application
Design of dipole array antenna for a 2.4-GHz wireless local area network application
Y.Y. Lu & K.C. Liao
A Token-based Network Communication Library (TBNCL) in a private cloud storage system
Q.Wang, L. Li, Z.H. Guo, M. Lin & R. Pan
Analysis of phased array antenna’s vibration effects on the performance of shipborne MLS
H.S. Xie, P. Zhou, J.G.Wei, B.K. Luan & D.Wang
Application of PUS (Packet Utilization Standard) and XTCE (XML Telemetric and Command Exchange) in satellite telemetry data exchange design and description
Y. Liu, J.Q. Li & Z.D. Li
Information system designing for innovative development assessment of the efficiency of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia members
V.V. Spitsin, O.G. Berestneva, L.Y. Spitsina, A. Karasenko, D. Shashkov & N.V. Shabaldina
Selected aspects of applying UWB (UltraWide Band) technology in transportation
M. Džunda, Z. Cséfalvay & N. Kotianová
Design of a wireless monitoring system for a Pleurotus eryngii cultivation environment
L. Zhao & X.J. Zhu
Research on Trellis Coded Modulation (TCM) in a wireless channel
X.M. Lu, F. Yang, Y. Song & J.T. He
Riemann waves and solitons in nonlinear Cosserat medium
V.I. Erofeev &A.O. Malkhanov
Research on the adaptability of SAR imaging algorithms for squint-looking
M.C. Yu
Improved factor analysis algorithm in factor spaces
H.D.Wang, Y. Shi, P.Z.Wang & H.T. Liu
Research on the efficacy evaluation algorithms of Earth observation satellite mission
H.F.Wang, Y.M. Liu & P.Wu
An image fusion algorithm based on NonsubSampled Contourlet Transform and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
G.Q. Chen, J. Duan, Z.Y. Geng & H. Cai
A cognitive global clock synchronization algorithm inWireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
B. Ahmad, S.W. Ma, L. Lin, J.J. Liu & C.F. Yang
A multi-drop distributed smart sensor network based on IEEE1451.3
H.W. Lu, L.H. Shang & M. Zhou
Solitary strain waves in the composite nonlinear elastic rod
N.I. Arkhipova &V.I. Erofeev
Semiconducting inverter generators with minimal losses
A.B. Daryenkov &V.I. Erofeev
Research into a virtual machine migration selection strategy
L. Sun & X.Y.Wu
An analysis of the influence of power converters on the operation of devices
A.I. Baykov, V.I. Erofeev &V.G. Titov

Signal and data processing
The classification of insect sounds by image feature matching based on spectrogram analysis
A.Q. Jia, B.R. Min & C.Y.Wei
Research on business model innovation method based on TRIZ and DEA
X. Liu, J.W. Ding & X.Q. Ren
Analytical solution for fuzzy heat equation based on generalized Hukuhara differentiability
T. Allahviranloo, Z. Gouyandeh &A. Armand
Identification of space contact for a dynamics medium
V.S. Deeva, M.S. Slobodyan, G.A. Elgina, S.M. Slobodyan &V.B. Lapshin
Membership functions of fuzzy sets in the diagnosis of structures pathology
G.G. Kashevarova, M.N. Fursov &Y.L. Tonkov
Global stock market index analysis based on complex networks and a multiple regression model
Z.L. Zhang & S.J. Qiao
A study of sign adjustment of complete network under the second structural theorem
H.Z. Deng, J.Wu, Y.J. Tan & P. Abell
Sybil detection and analysis of micro-blog Sina
R.F. Liu, Y.J. Zhao & R.S. Shi
A kinematics analysis of actions of a straddled Jaeger salto on uneven bars performed by Shang Chunsong
L. Zhong, J.H. Zhou &T. Ouyang
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