1st Edition

Intensive Intermediate Latin
A Grammar and Workbook

ISBN 9780415723664
Published August 19, 2015 by Routledge
358 Pages

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Book Description

Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible grammar and related exercises in a single volume. It outlines every major grammatical point usually taught in an intermediate college Latin course, as well as other grammatical topics which may be introduced in the first semester of reading prose or poetry.

 Features include:

  • Careful management and repetition of vocabulary used to encourage sole focus on the grammar
  • A variety of exercises to enable students to recognize and isolate the grammatical structures in English, helping them to translate into Latin with greater ease
  • Frequent Latin to English and full English to Latin translations
  • Exercises requiring students to modify aspects of Latin sentences in order to enable improved grammar acquisition

Written by an experienced instructor, Intensive Intermadiate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook is an ideal resource for students who want to build on their foundations of Latin. The title can be used as a textbook, grammar reference and practice resource for students and independent learners with some knowledge of the language.

Intensive Intermediate Latin, with its sister volume Basic Latin, forms a compendium of essentials of Latin grammar.

Table of Contents

Introduction  Latin sources  1. Deponent Verbs  2. Fīō  3. Infinitives  4. Indirect Statement  5. Present & Imperfect  6. Subjunctives  7. Subjunctive of Irregular Verbs  8. Purpose Clauses  9. Indirect Commands  10. Perfect & Pluperfect Subjunctives  11. Sequence of Tenses  12. Indirect Questions  13. Potential & Optative Subjunctives  14. Result Clauses I  15. Result Clauses II  16. Quod Substantive Clauses  17. Impersonal Verbs  18. Indirect Reflexives  19. Hortatory & Jussive Subjunctives  20. Causal Clauses  21. Concessive Clauses  22. Temporal Clauses I – when(ever)  23. Temporal Clauses II – before & after  24. dum-Clauses  25. Conditional Sentences  26. Doubting Clauses  27. Fearing Clauses  28. Clauses of Prevention  29. Gerunds  30. Gerundives  31. Periphrastics  32. Fore  33. Supine  34. Subjunctive by Attraction  35. Syncopated Verbal Forms  36. Numerals  37. Greek Nouns  38. Meter I: Weight & Feet  38. Meter II: Elision & Synizesis  39. Archaic Latin  40. Late Latin  Keys to Exercises  Latin-to-English Dictionary  English-to-Latin Dictionary

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Jean-François R. Mondon trained as an Indo-Europeanist/Historical Linguist at the University of Pennsylvania and received his PhD in 2009. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages (German and Latin) at Minot State University in North Dakota. His major research interests are tracing the phonological developments of Indo-European languages such as Classical Armenian as well as language pedagogy and vocabulary acquisition.