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Psychology Library Editions: Comparative Psychology

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Published February 22, 2018 by Routledge

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Book Description

Psychology Library Editions: Comparative Psychology (16 Volume set) brings together a number of titles which explore animal behaviour and learning, some in isolation but mostly comparing it with human behaviour. Research in this area looks at many different issues, using various methods and examines species from insects to primates. The series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1928 and 1997, with the majority from the 1970s and 1980s, includes contributions from many highly respected authors.

Table of Contents

1. Animal Psychology: Its Nature and its Problems J. A. Bierens de Haan (1948)

2. The Behavioral Significance of Color Edward H. Burtt, Jr. (Ed.) (1979)

3. Ecological Learning Theory Graham Davey (1989)

4. Aberrant Development in Infancy: Human and Animal Studies Norman R. Ellis (Ed.) (1975)

5. The Comparative Development of Adaptive Skills: Evolutionary Implications Eugene S. Gollin (Ed.) (1985)

6. Cognitive Processes in Animal Behavior Stewart H. Hulse, Harry Fowler & Werner K. Honig (Eds) (1978)

7. Animal Models for Psychiatry J.D. Keehn (1986)

8. Evolution of Brain and Behaviour in Vertebrates R. B. Masterton, M.E. Bitterman, C.B.G. Campbell & N. Hotton (Eds) (1976)

9. The Neurobiology of Behavior: An Introduction Gordon J. Mogenson (1977)

10. Brain, Behaviour and Evolution David A. Oakley & H. C. Plotkin (Eds) (1979)

11. Brain and Mind David A. Oakley (Ed.) (1985)

12. Animal and Human Conduct William E. Ritter (1928)

13. Nonverbal Communication: Where Nature Meets Culture Ullica Segerstråle & Peter Molnaìr (Eds) (1997)

14. Early Learning in Man and Animal Wladyslaw Sluckin (1970)

15. Primate Models of Human Neurogenic Disorders V. G. Startsev (1976)

16. Animal Nature and Human Nature W.H. Thorpe (1974)

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