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Sustainable Bridge Structures
Proceedings of the 8th New York City Bridge Conference, 24-25 August, 2015, New York City, USA

ISBN 9781138028784
Published November 4, 2015 by CRC Press
334 Pages

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Book Description

The ever-increasing traffic demands, coupled with deteriorating condition of bridge structures, present great challenges for maintaining a healthy transportation network. The challenges encompass a wide range of economic, environmental, and social constraints that go beyond the technical boundaries of bridge engineering. Those constraints compound the complexity of bridge projects and motivate innovations in bridge engineering technology towards the design and construction of sustainable bridges. The sustainability aims at minimizing the cost of bridge construction projects and the associated environmental impact on the society, while maintaining healthy economic development.
On August 24–25, 2015, bridge engineers from all over the world gathered at the 8th New York City Bridge Conference to discuss and share experiences on the construction and maintenance of sustainable bridge structures.
This volume contains a selection of papers that were presented at the conference. The peer-reviewed papers are valuable contributions to the state of the art in bridge engineering and of archival quality.

Table of Contents

Cable-supported bridges
Suspension bridge main cable dehumidification – an active system for cable preservation
S. Beabes, D. Faust & C. Cocksedge
Chesapeake Bay Bridge dehumidification design
M. Nader, G. Baker, J. Duxbury, C. Choi, E. Gundel & A. Tamrat
Fracture analysis of steel cable-stayed bridges
B. Soule & B. Tappen
Repair project on cable stayed bridge “Binh bridge” damaged by ship collision in Vietnam
T. Tokuchi & S. Kaifuku

Bridge construction
Reconstructing a bridge in ten days: New Jersey Route 46 over Musconetcong
River accelerated replacement
R.J. Adams & S.J. Deeck
Slip and creep performance for metallized connection faying surfaces used in steel bridge construction
M. Ampleman, C.-D. Annan, M. Fafard, J. Ocel & É. Lévesque
Design and construction guidelines for skewed/curved steel I-girder bridges
V.L. Liang,W.S. Johnsen, B.P. McFadden, C. Titze & G. Venkiteela
Construction of the Nhat Tan Bridge superstructure
K. Matsuno & N. Taki

Bridge analysis & design
Limit analysis for steel beams connection nodes
M. Arquier & X. Cespedes
Integral abutment bridges and the modeling of soil-structure interaction
S. Rhodes & T. Cakebread
Improving structural reliability using a post-tensioned concrete floor system for major non-redundant steel bridges
C. Chang & R.A. Lawrie
AASHTO fatigue testing of modular expansion joints – setting new standards
G. Moor, S. Hoffmann & C. O’Suilleabhain
Design of depth critical steel bridge superstructures
R. Schaefer & G. Ricks
Proportioning and design considerations for extradosed prestressed bridges
S.L. Stroh
Bridge-weigh-in-motion for axle-load estimation
E. Yamaguchi & M. Kibe

Seismic analysis of bridges
Post-earthquake stability of Gerald Desmond Bridge
P. Banibayat, M. Carter, M. Nelson &T. Chandler
Impact of secondary fault findings on the design of Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey
O.T. Cetinkaya, M. Yanagihara, T. Kawakami & J. Chacko
Poplar Street Interchange replacement – seismic design
L.E. Rolwes
Seismic behavior of a long viaduct in Mexico DF: A combined FEM and SHM approach
J.M. Simon-Talero, A. Hernandez, M. Ahijado & M. Santillan

Bridge rehabilitation & strengthening
Titanium alloy bars for strengthening a reinforced concrete bridge
C. Higgins, D. Amneus & L. Barker
Fatigue investigation and retrofit of double-deck cantilevered truss I-95 Girard Point Bridge
Y.E. Zhou & M.R. Guzda
Flexural fatigue performance of ECC link slabs for bridge deck applications
K.M.A. Hossain, S. Ghatrehsamani & M.S. Anwar

Bridge bearings
Modern bearings for key bridges – special functions & type selection
A. Kutumbale & G. Moor
High load multirotational bearings for an extradosed bridge
R.J.Watson & J.C. Conklin
Seismic isolation of highway bridges: Effective performance of LRBs at low temperatures
C. Mendez Galindo, G. Moor & B. Bailles

Bridge history & aesthetics
Charles Ellet, Jr., the pioneer American suspension bridge builder
K. Gandhi
Lindenthal and his pursuit of a bridge across the Hudson River
K. Gandhi
Rehabilitation of theWest Broadway Bridge over the Passaic River, Paterson, New Jersey
G.M. Zamiskie & J.G. Chiara

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