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Testing and Measurement: Techniques and Applications
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Testing and Measurement Techniques (TMTA 2015), 16-17 January 2015, Phuket Island, Thailand

ISBN 9781138028128
Published June 11, 2015 by CRC Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

Testing and Measurement: Techniques and Applications is divided into 6 sections: Microwave, Ultrasonic and Acoustic Measurement and Application; Material Performance and Measuring and Testing Technique; Laser, Optics Fiber and Sensor; Industrial Autoimmunization and Measurement; Artificial Intelligence and Application; and Image, Signal and Information Processing, and presents a broad and deep understanding of recent achievements and future trends of testing and measuring technology.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Microwave, ultrasonic and acoustic measurement and application

Overlapped stepped frequency train of flam pulses for microwave imaging
K.V. Nikitin, A. Dewantari, S.Y. Jeon, T.Y. Lee, S. Kim, J. Yu & M.H. Ka
The automation of a resonant perturbation method to research electrodynamic characteristics of microwave devices 7
A.N. Savin, I.A. Nakrap, C.P. Vakhlaeva & V.V. Kornyakov
Resource assignment using quantized information in uplink based on OFDMA
J.D. Chimeh, N. Mokari, A. Asgharian & M.A. Esfahani
Impact of internal residual stresses to dissemination, shape and size of the ultrasound signal
M. Hatala, J. Zajac, D. Mital, Z. Hutyrova, S. Radchenko & J. Zivcak
Study on the attenuation laws of ultrasonic propagation in the inhomogeneous media
L. Yao, Q.X. Zhang & K. Wu
Ultrasonic defect detection of a thick-walled filament-wound composite tubular structure
H.L. Bu, J.L. Chen, G.Y. Gao & Z. Li
Monitoring of the radio-frequency atmospheric pressure plasma jet by hairpin probe
W. Yan, J.Z. Xu & J.F. Wang
The influence of the oblique shot to localization precision and the method to revise
S.L. Wu, J.X. Liu & L. Li
Three novel scenarios for coverage drive tests in WiMaX
J.D. Chimeh, A. Asgharian & M.A. Isfahani
For-EMD regularized deconvolution in acoustic measurement
Y. Dai, J.H. Yang, X.H. Cao & H. Hou
Acoustical analysis of a Jing based on beat phenomena
S.J. Cho, K.H. Lee & Y.J. Seo
Application of multi-geophysical approach for detection of cavern
M. Ba.i., D. Juri. Ka.uni. & M.S. Kova.evi.
Noise monitoring system for construction workers using smart-phone
S.H. An, C.B. Son, B.S. Kim & D.E. Lee

Material performance and measuring and testing technique

Acoustic microscopy characterization of nanostructured carbon-ceramic composites
V.M. Prokhorov, D. Ovsyannikov, V.M. Levin & E. Morokov
Method of calculation volume of the color gamut body
L. Varepo, A. Golunov, A. Golunova, O. Trapeznicova & I. Nagornova
Thermal cyclic tests of shrink polymeric products with the shape memory
A.P. Kondratov & G.M. Zachinjaev
FRP Hot-Stick flashover testing under freezing conditions
M. Ghassemi & M. Farzaneh
Compression after impact on titanium honeycomb sandwich structures
Z.H. Xie, W. Zhao, J.F. Sun & X.S. Yue
On bearing strength of protruding and countersunk bolted joints of composite laminates
X. Li, Z.H. Xie, J.P. Guo, X. Xiong & X.J. Dang
Study on the shrinkage stress and temperature stress of cement stabilized macadam base
W. Wang, Z.S. Ren, L. Zhang, X. Lin & P. Peng
A performance comparison study of the Sorptive Building Materials with mems-based formaldehyde gas sensor from the aspect of reduction efficiency of indoor formaldehyde concentration
H. Huang, C.C. Chen & C.T. Tzeng
Scarf repair of composite laminates
Z.H. Xie, X. Li & Q. Yan
Pile material and soil damping effects on Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
R.B. Nazir & O.El Hussien
Study of packing media of flotation columns
M. Zhang, J.H. Shen, Y.P. Wei, J.X. He & T.L. Xue
The research on using wood flour hydrolysate as carbon source to produce bacterial cellulose
Z.S. Ma, Y. Liu & Z. Wang

Laser, optics fiber and sensor

Volumetric accuracy management of multi-axis systems based on laser measurements
V.I. Teleshevskii & V.A. Sokolov
Turn-on fluorescent Fe3+ sensor based on tris(rhodamine) ligand
X.M. Wang, H. Yan, X.C. Guo, S. Wang, D.W. Wang & M. Lei
Precision frequency meter for basic metrology and displacement measurements
V. Zhmud, A. Goncharenko & A.V. Liapidevskiy
Two oxygen sensors based on the fluorescence quenching of pyrene bonding on side-chain polysiloxanes
H. Yan, X.M. Wang, D.W. Wang & R.S. Yu
Measurement of thermal neutrons with fiber-optic radiation sensors using Cerenkov Effect
K.W. Jang, J.S. Kim, S.H. Shin, J.S. Jang, H. Jeon, G. Kwon, W.J. Yoo, B. Lee, T. Yagi, C.H. Pyeon & T. Misawa
Fabrication and characterization of a fiber-optic temperature sensor based on NaCl solution
H.I. Sim, W.J. Yoo, S.H. Shin, S.G. Kim, S. Hong, K.W. Jang, B. Lee, S. Cho & J.H. Moon
A novel Sagnac-based fiber-optic acoustic sensor using two laser diodes with external optical injections
L.T. Wang, N. Fang & Z.M. Huang
Filterless Vacuum Ultraviolet detector based on YF3 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
M. Yanagihara, H. Ishikawa, S. Ono & H. Ohtake
A high sensitive of an optical Raman sensor system to detect bisphenol A
N.A. Bakar, M.M. Salleh & A.A. Umar
Eu3+ Doped Gd2Ti2O7 nanoparticles as a luminescence thermometry probes
S. .ulubrk, V. Lojpur, M. Medi. & M.D. Drami.anin
Sensitivity analysis of aerosol based on MODIS remote sensing data
C.F. Li, Y.Y. Dai, S.Q. Zhou, J.J. Zhao & J.Y. Yin
Hilbert diagnostics of phase disturbances of the light fields in air
V.A. Arbuzov, Y.N. Dubnishchev, V.G. Nechaev & E.O. Shlapakova
Simultaneous measurements of two optical fiber lengths using chaotic ring laser with optical feedback
N. Fang, H.J. Qin, L.T. Wang & Z.M. Huang
A high dynamic range all-fiber acoustic pressure sensing system
Z. Ye & C. Wang
Active hydrothermal and non-active massive sulfide mound investigation using a new multi-parameter chemical sensor
C.H. Han, G.H. Wu, Y. Ye & H.W. Qin
The research based on the level four-axis laser diameter measuring instrument
Q.R. Tian & B.G. He
A study on rhodamine 6G . based fiber-optic sensing system for detection of mercury ion in aqueous environment
A.R. Lee, B.Y. Jung, H.J. Han, Y.I. Kim, B.K. Kim & B.G. Park
A new current-based technique for discrimination between internal faults and inrush current within power transformers
M.F. El-Naggar, A. Abu-Siada, A.M. Mahmoud & Khaled M. Gad El Mola
Development of Test Access Port (TAP) design for IEEE 1149.1 standard improvements
S.A. Jayousi & M.S. Muhammad
Au-polypyrrole nanorod Volatile Organic Compounds gas sensor
S.W. Kim, J.S. Lee, S.W. Lee, S.H. Cha, K.D. Lee, J.H. Lee, S.W. Kang, N.R. Yoon, H.J. Yun,
B.H. Kang & D.H. Kwon
Study on the Evd ranges and the interrelated relation with the bearing capacity of recently deposited layers in Huaibei Plain
F. Yu, S.X. Chen & Z.J. Dai

Industrial autoimmunization and measurement

Measuring of internal residual stress after machining using Eddy Current in dependence of technological parameters
D. Mital, J. Zajac, M. Hatala, J. Duplak, P. Michalik & J. Mihok
Quantitative prediction of residual stresses from 3D nanoindents formed on artificially bent samples
Y.H. Lee, Y.I. Kim, S.W. Baek, Y.H. Huh & H.M. Lee
Low-cost machinery fault simulator
K. Shin, S.H. Lee & S.H. Song
The sensitivity method to estimate critical speeds for rotors with multilayer laminated damper
W. Chen & C. Su
Analytically modeling nonlinear DC-gain for Op-amps
F.C. Chen & J.Y. Lin
An application of the frequency dependent load as a circuit test
N.V. Kinsht, N.N. Petrunfko & N.V. Silin
Velocity profile measurement technique for scour using ADV
S. Das, R. Das & A. Mazumdar
A novel electromagnetic concentrative probe and pulse eddy current nondestructive testing
C.Y. Xiao & C.W. Yang
Measurement for the parameters of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
D.D. Zhu, X.P. Chen & Y. Tan
Experiment and numerical study of flow resistance characteristics of automotive three-way catalytic device
Y. Wang, Y.L. Jiang & L. Huang
The design of storage measurement device in projectilefs motion parameters testing under nose to tail loading state
Y. Hang, F. Shang, D.R. Kong, J. Wang, J.Q. Zhang & Y.Z. Li
Magnetic flux leakage field within the detector unit optimization based on Comsol
L.J. Yang, W.T. Cui & S.W. Gao
Measurement of underwater shockwave pressure characteristics by explosive energy and electric pulse power energy
H. Sakamoto, Y. Watabe, S. Honda & Y. Ohbuchi
Application and protection on low-voltage power line carrier communication technology
J. Fan, X. Chen, X.W. Chu, Y. Zhou & Y.X. Yi
Optimizing configuration of supply chain with survival assessment mode
Felix T.S. Chan, B. Niu, A. Nayak, R. Raj & M.K. Tiwari
Design of a coal quality detection management system for power plants based on UML
Z. Liu
Study on method of obtaining the low-frequency characteristic of shock wave pressure measurement system based on quasi-static calibration
F. Yang, D.R. Kong, J.Q. Zhang, L. Kong & J.J. Su

Artificial intelligence and application

Classification fusion of global and local G-CS-LBP features for accurate face recognition
S. Nikan & M. Ahmadi
Gas identification with pairwise comparison in an artificial olfactory system
M. Hassan, A. Bermak & A. Amira
Three-dimensional acoustic tomography for hot spot detection in grain bulk
H. Yan, L. Zhang & L.J. Liu
Overload prediction and its performance evaluation of the underwater robot platform
J.W. Lee, Y.H. Choi & J.H. Suh
Gaussian muti-scale fast registration algorithm and its application in machine vision
X.H. Cao, J.H. Yang & Y. Dai
A three-step model for Tsunami warning and evacuation framework
C. Srisuwan & P. Rattanamanee
The wear recognition on guide surface based on the feature of radar graph
Y.H. Zhou, W.M. Zeng & Q. Xie
Moving object tracking in the low-rank representation
X.F. Kong, F.Y. Xu, H. Wang, G.H. Gu & Q. Chen

Image, signal and information processing

A study of image processing based hole expansion test
S.H. Oh, S.H. Yang & Y.S. Kim
Application of CR images for a CAD of pneumoconiosis for images scanned by a CCD scanner
R. Miyazaki, K. Abe, M. Minami & H. Tian
A study of the frequency converter control method for rotatory screen
H. Xu, J. Zheng, M.D. Li & X.S. Che
Vision displacement sensing system using digital image correlation for X, Y, and theta micro-positioning stage
D.H. Lee, M.G. Kim, S.W. Baek & N.G. Cho
On statistical adaptation of the order filters for periodic signals processing
V.I. Znak
A study on the automated checking system for labels of medicine bottle
X.S. Che, Y. Li & D.J. Liu
Visualization makes array easy
R.Z. Ramli, A.Y. Kapi & N. Osman
A single-end mechanism to measure available bandwidth under bursty cross
traffic environments
Y.Q. Zhou & B. Chen
Design of production information management system for automotive enterprise
F.Q. Pei, Z.H. Tang, Y.X. Wang & Y.F. Ton
Application of flow visualization and image processing techniques to the study of coherent structure in vegetated canopy open-channel flows
K. Dai, J. Yan, Y. Chen & M. Zhang
Urban transition in Yangtze River delta based on tm image
G.F. Chen, Q.X. Zhang, X. Lu & T. Qin
TL-diversity: Type of L-diversity for privacy protection of the clients within the cloaking area
D.H. Song, J.W. Sim, B.S. Kim, K.J. Park, J.M. Kang, D.H. Sin, I.J. Lee & M.B. Song
The test and measurement technologies in the study of vital capacity of the students of Tajik and Zang nationality
W.T. Hao, Y.L. Zhang & C. Yue
Feedback systems with pseudo local loops
V. Zhmud, V. Semibalamut & A. Vostrikov
Design of robust energy-saving regulators by means of optimization software
V. Zhmud, V. Semibalamut & A. Vostrikov
Numerical and experimental analyses of the modal characteristics of framed structures subjected to earthquakes
F.C. Ponzo, R. Ditommaso, G. Auletta, C. Iacovino, A. Mossucca, A. Nigro & D. Nigro
Research on method of shipboard anti-sway electronic weighing
G.F. Zhang, Y. Chen, X.W. Zhao, J. Liang & J. Luan
Temperature sensing from luminescence of Eu3+ - doped YAlO3 ceramics
V. Lojpur, B. Mili.evi., M. Medi., S. .ulubrk & M.D. Drami.anin
Measuring network user psychological experience quality
X.Y. Wu & P. Wang
A proposal for teaching programming through the Four-Step Method
Y. Uchida, S. Matsuno, T. Ito & M. Sakamoto
Predator-prey coevolution applied in multi-objective optimization for micro-grid energy management
X.J. Yao, Y.C. Shao, H. Chen, D.Z. Wang & L.W. Tian
Impact of pre-construction planning and project execution on performance considering electrical project characteristics
D.Y. Kim & H.C. Lim

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