1st Edition

Understanding Behavior in the Context of Time
Theory, Research, and Application

ISBN 9781138003989
Published July 22, 2015 by Psychology Press
376 Pages

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Book Description

Understanding Behavior in the Context of Time reviews the research on temporal orientation and brings together the disparate social behaviors influenced by time perspective. Organized into four sections, each chapter includes theory, research, applications, and directions for future research. Some chapters outline novel theoretical approaches that help to expand and/or integrate existing theories. The second part focuses on individual level processes and reviews the conceptualization, measurement, and lifespan development of time orientation; the outcomes associated with various time orientations; and how temporal factors influence attitudes and persuasion. Part three explores the role of time within interpersonal and group level processes as applied to such areas as close relationships, group cooperation, aggression, organizational behavior, pro-environmental behavior, and cultural issues.

This book will be of interest to social and personality psychologists, and the book's applied emphasis will appeal to health, environmental, and industrial psychologists.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part I: Introduction. A. Strathman, J. Joireman, A Brief History of Time (Research). Part II: Individual Level Processes. T.P. Lasane, D.A. O'Donnell, Time Orientation Measurement: A Conceptual Approach. J-E. Nurmi, Thinking About and Acting Upon the Future: Development of Future Orientation Across the Lifespan. C. Routledge, J. Arndt, Time and Terror: Managing Temporal Consciousness and the Awareness of Mortality. J.N. Boyd, P.G. Zimbardo, Time Perspective, Health, and Risk Taking. M.S. Finke, Time Orientation and Economic Decision-Making. Z. Zaleski, Future Orientation and Anxiety. K. Sheldon, M. Vansteenkiste, Personal Goals and Time-Travel: How Are Future Places Visited, and Is It Worth It? L.J. Sanna, S.E. Carter, E. Burkley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Counterfactual Thinking and Beyond. R.D. Brown, D. Albarrac¡n, Attitudes Over Time: Attitude Judgment and Change. Part III: Groups and Interpersonal Level Processes. A.C. Rumble, The Dimension of Time in Interdependence Theory. C.D. Parks, D.C. Posey, Temporal Factors in Social Dilemma Choice Behavior: Integrating Interdependence and Evolutionary Perspectives. K.B. Anderson, M.D. Wood, Considering the Future Consequences of Aggressive Acts: Established and Potential Effects in the Context of the General Aggression Model. A.C. Bluedorn, Future Focus and Depth in Organizations. J. Joireman, Environmental Problems as Social Dilemmas: The Temporal Dimension. J. Jones, W.J. Brown, Any Time Is Trinidad Time! Cultural Variations in the Value and Function of Time. Part IV: Conclusion. J. Joireman, A. Strathman, Further Study of Behavior in the Context of Time.

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"...this book is of interest in stimulating much thought, even in behaviorists."

"...it provides important contributions on time perspective across several domains."
Jeffrey M. Conte, Ph.D.
San Diego State University

"...this is a worthwhile project covering an important area where there currently is a gap in the literature."
Eugene W. Farber, Ph.D.
Emory University, School of Medicine